Casio FX-CG20

  • Suitable for GCSE, Standard and Higher Grade, AS and A Level examinations
  • The ultimate Casio graphic calculator that utilises all the latest mathematics display technology on a full colour, high resolution backlit screen
  • Includes USB cable and PC link software.

Summary of Casio FX-CG20 activities

Arc on a curve

Topic: Differential GeometryExamination: Further Maths

You should be able to use the integral formulas for differentiable Cartesian, Polar and Parametric functions to calculate the arc length.

Complex Number Calculations

Topic: Complex NumbersExamination: Further Maths

Calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of complex numbers manually.

Essential Graphing Tools

Topic: Curve SketchingExamination: Further Maths

Using the G-SOLVE tool you can evaluate roots, intercepts, intersections, derivatives at a point, integrals and areas.

Graphing Conic Sections

Topic: Curve SketchingExamination: Further Maths

The built-in CONICS tool provides the ideal platform to explore the equations of conic sections in Cartesian, polar and parametric forms.

Linear Solutions using Matrices

Topic: MatricesExamination: Further Maths

Manually create a system of simultaneous linear equations in a matrix and use matrix operations to solve the system in either echelon form or reduced row echelon form.

Matrix Operations

Topic: MatricesExamination: Further Maths

Add, subtract and multiply 2x2 matrices as well as multiplication by a scalar.

Plotting Cartesians, Polars and Parametrics

Topic: Curve SketchingExamination: Further Maths

Plot Polar and Parametric representations of functions manually.

Roots and Quadratic Coefficients of Polynomials

Topic: AlgebraExamination: Further Maths

Use of the MODIFY tool means you can explore the effect on the graph of altering the coefficients of a quadratic expression.

Summation of a Series

Topic: AlgebraExamination: Further Maths

The RECURSION tool allows you to enter a series between limits and for user-defined increments.

Using Polar Co-ordinates

Topic: Polar Co-ordinatesExamination: Further Maths

Using modulus, agument and angle of a complex number to convert between Cartesian and Polar representations.